The DBT Center of Seattle was founded in 2002 by a group of psychologists and a psychiatrist trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT is an evidence-based treatment used to help persons who have difficulty managing emotions. This may be experienced as:


  • Painful emotions from which a person feels there is no escape
  • Quickly shifting from one emotion to another
  • Feeling like emotions are controlling your life
  • Having problems with anger

In addition, DBT addresses the following difficulties in life:
  • Difficulties in interpersonal relationships
  • Living with a sense of emptiness or feeling like you are confused about who you are
  • Impulsive behavior or self-injury
  • Confused or fearful thinking

Our Mission:
We strive to provide compassionate, scientifically valid treatments to alleviate problems that cause human suffering, and to promote the capacity for sustained happiness in the lives of those we serve. We also assist other professionals in providing such treatments. In our work toward meeting these goals we provide individual, group, and family services, research the outcome of our services, provide consultation to other professionals, and provide specialized training.

Seeking services at the DBT Center of Seattle:

If you or someone you know is suffering from these kinds of difficulties, give us a call at (206) 374-0109.

The process of receiving services at the DBT Center of Seattle begins with a brief phone call to our office staff who will provide information about us, including our fees, and answer questions you have about our services. She will briefly ask you some questions to get an initial impression of whether we might be of help with the problems you are experiencing. If it appears that we might be of help, you will be sent an information packet, and an initial appointment will be set with one of our therapists. You will be asked to complete some information in the packet before attending your initial appointment and to bring that information with you at the time of your appointment. It is helpful to arrive early so the therapist can review the information before actually meeting with you. You can also mail or fax the information to us.

If after your initial appointment, you decide you would like to receive services from us, you will be asked to set up a second meeting with your therapist (review appointment).  At the time of this review the therapist may ask more in depth questions to understand the nature of your difficulties, and to develop the most effective approach to solving your difficulties. In the third session your treatment plan will be finalized (treatment planning appointment).